The known signs of an infestation of the European Gypsy Moth are:

Visible egg masses: covered with buff or yellowish hair from the abdomen of the female
and averages about 1-1/2 inches long and about 3/4 of an inch wide

Visible caterpillars: newly hatched caterpillars are black and hairy. Later stages of
the larvae develop a mottled yellow to gray pattern with tufts of bristle-like
hairs and a distinctive color pattern of five pairs of blue dots followed by six
pairs of red dots along their backs.

Visible adult moths: male moths are brown with a darker brown pattern on their wings and
have a 1-1/2-inch wingspan. Females are slightly larger, with a two-inch
wingspan, and nearly white with dark saw-toothed patterns on their

Defoliated trees

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